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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Couples split, frequent-flier miles don't

Separating frequent-flier miles in a divorce is a serious and increasingly common issue. One big hurdle: Airlines do not allow customers to transfer frequent-flier miles, even in a divorce. Moreover, placing a value on frequent-flier accounts can be tricky. "Now that people generally accept the idea that they're property, people are more willing to divide them up or trade them for something else," says Tate Sterrett, a Charlotte, N.C., lawyer who specializes in family law.. . . In one of the few cases on the matter, a Minnesota court in 1999 determined that the miles are worth 2 cents per mile. The case is not binding in other states, but lawyers typically use that figure as a guidepost. For someone with 25,000 miles, which generally is enough for a free round-trip domestic ticket, that's about $500. By Tony Mecia, The Charlotte Observer,,0,2550558.story?coll=sfla-travel-print (last visited September 18, 2005 , REO).

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