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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Next Questions in the Eyewitness Identification Reform Debate

The below article by D. Michael Risinger (Seton Hall) recently appeared on the SSRN wire.  It addresses the provocative question of what goes into “cost” side of the balance when considering eyewitness identification reform proposals:

"At What Cost?: Blind Testing, Eyewitness Identification, and the Question of What Can and Cannot Be Counted as a Cost of Reducing Information Available for Decision"  

The piece responds to an article by Steven E. Clark (UC Riverside):

Costs and Benefits of Eyewitness Identification Reform: Psychological Science and Public Policy Perspectives on Psychological Science May 2012 7: 238-259

The issue that Clark's piece is published in contains a whole manner of fascinating  takes on the topic by notable authors, including Elizabeth Loftus, Larry Laudan, and Gary Wells.

The table of contents is available here (subscription required to dowload articles).

- JB


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