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Thursday, March 31, 2011

High-Tech View, Take 2: Some Footage Of VR Simulation Evidence In Action

On Tuesday, I posted an entry about the interesting new article, High-Tech View: The Use of Immersive Virtual Environments in Jury Trials, 93 Marq. L. Rev. 1073 (2010), by Carrie Leonetti, an Assistant Professor at the University of Oregon School of Law, and Jeremy Bailenson, an Associate Professor of Communication at Stanford University. Professor Bailenson has now sent me this useful link to a news story showing some footage from the use of VR simulation evidence at the annual "tech trial" put on by Professor Fred Lederer at the William and Mary Law School. If memory serves me, this was from the 2002 tech trial put on by Courtroom 21, and I drafted the motion in limine regarding the admissibility of the VR evidence as I was then a student of Professor Lederer in his Legal Technology class. You can access the footage by clicking on this link.



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