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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

AALS Poster Project: Jeffrey Proske's 1L Journaling Project

Jeffrey Proske presented the poster 1L Journaling Project (Download Proske Poster):

Proske Poster(1)

Professor Proske is a professor at the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, where he teaches Global Lawyering Skills. He joined the faculty after 20 years of legal practice both as in-house counsel and in private practice. Prior to coming to Pacific McGeorge, he served as the General Counsel for National Commercial Ventures, Inc., a Los Angeles, CA based national commercial real estate investment company and developer. Prior to that, Professor Proske served as Associate General Counsel for The Ryland Group, Inc., a Calabasas, CA based, Fortune 500, NYSE-listed, high-volume home builder. Before joining The Ryland Group, Inc., Professor Proske also served as Corporate Counsel for PMC Global, Inc. in Sun Valley, CA, a Fortune 500 international plastics, machines, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing company. Before going in-house, Professor Proske was in private practice in San Francisco and Los Angeles assisting clients with issues involving finance, business combinations, debt and equity offerings, as well as matters related to real estate, intellectual property and entertainment. Professor Proske has been a member of the State Bar of California since 1989. His most recent publication is "The Proposition 8 Sausage Factory" "The Proposition 8 Sausage Factory" for About.com.

Here is Professor Proske's description of the poster:

“The IL Journaling Project”

The value of an attorney is measured to a great extent by the attorney’s ability to perceive the dimensions and nuances of an issue and to offer perspective and guidance based on careful consideration of the issue.  The ability to articulate perspectives effectively both orally and in writing inspires confidence in the reasoning underlying those perspectives.  The process of writing can be an effective tool to assist law students to develop unfinished or emerging ideas, and for revealing previously unconsidered dimensions and perspectives on issues.

The “1L Journaling Project” is a TWEN-based forum where students in their first year legal research and writing course are invited to post ungraded submissions on any topic of their choosing relating to the “1L” experience over the course of their first year in law school with a view to compiling the submissions in a bound volume to be distributed to them at the end of their first year. 

The “1L Journaling Project” is intended to encourage students to enhance their ability to engage in thoughtful and measured consideration of a topic and to present their perspectives in writing in a public forum - a skill which will ultimately sharpen their ability to reason and communicate in a professional context.


1. To give students a public forum in which to contribute personal thoughts, observations, essays, reflections, insights, and perspectives on subjects of personal interest to them relating to their 1L experience which are not necessarily part of a course of study.

2. To encourage students to use the process of writing to assist them in developing their ability to capture their insights on the page.

3. To encourage students to use the process of writing as a method of problem solving on a personal level, and ultimately in the context of professional representation.

4. To help students develop a method for reasoning and for exploring the dimensions of an issue through writing.

5. To help students build confidence in their ability to communicate effectively in writing in a public forum.


1. Submissions must be attributed to their author.  There will be no anonymous submissions accepted.

2. All submissions will be reviewed by the Professor to ensure that they comply with the objectives and rules set forth herein.  The Professor retains the right to strike any submissions from the forum site which the Professor deems inappropriate.  The Professor also retains the right to discontinue the project at any time if the submissions do not comport with the spirit of the project as outlined above. 

3. Professionalism Points:  Participation in the “1L Journaling Project” is not mandatory, but may be considered in determining an award of  discretionary or professionalism points in the tabulation of the final grade for the class.

Suggested Topics & Formats:

Submissions may take any form from a blog entry to a personal essay to a haiku, or even a Twitter tweet.  The point of the project is to try to capture as much of an experience as you can in words on the page. 



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