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Friday, October 2, 2009

It Was Two Years Ago Today...

that I launched EvidenceProf Blog. On that day, I had posts about comparing legal standards to instant replay, a scandal involving a businessman and prostitutes, and the movie Michael Clayton. I'm proud of the fact that since that day, I have been able to post at least one entry per day over the next two years. I hope that readers have enjoyed the blog to this point, and I hope to continue to post entries about recent cases and developments in evidence law that are useful to both lawyers and laypersons.



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I'm a student in your Evidence class and I read your blog everyday! Reading your blog really does help me with the class material we've learned thus far! Thank you for writing! I appreciate the extra effort and time spent! I'm sure a great deal of other people do as well!

Posted by: Jessica Dobias | Oct 2, 2009 2:53:38 PM

I enjoy your blog. Thanks for your work.

Posted by: mahtso | Oct 6, 2009 8:43:13 AM

Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Posted by: Prof. W.A. Woodruff | Oct 7, 2009 6:43:27 AM

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