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Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome The Blogosphere (Relaunched) CrimProf Blog

Today marks relaunch of CrimProf Blog. The blog, which used to be run by Mark Godsey of the University of Cincinnati College of Law, is now being run by Kevin Cole, Dean and Professor of Law at the University of San Diego School of Law, the author of articles such as Killings During Crime: Toward a Discriminating Theory of Strict Liability, 28 Am. Crim. L. Rev. 73 (1990), and The Empty Idea of Sentencing Disparity, 91 NW. U. L. Rev. 1336 (1997).

Several University of San Diego School of Law professors are listed as contributing editors:

With such a great lineup of contributors, I am sure that the blog will have many illuminating posts on issues related to criminal law and criminal procedure. In his introductory postDean Cole writes,

In  my time at the University of San Diego School of Law, I’ve had the privilege of working with highly talented colleagues across a broad range of subject matters. In my own areas of special interest--criminal law and procedure--I have been especially fortunate, and I am delighted that my current CrimProf colleagues have joined me in assuming the editorship of the CrimProf blog. We hope to continue the success of the previous editors in making this blog a valuable resource for teachers and others in these fields.

In another postDean Cole reviews a forthcoming criminal law article and writes,

CrimProf hopes to provide for criminal law and procedure types the same convenient method for keeping up with recent SSRN posts that my former San Diego colleague, Larry Solum, provides for the general legal theory crowd on his Legal Theory Blog. I cannot hope to read every manuscript about which there might be sufficient interest to justify posting an abstract, but when I do have something more to say than "Here is the abstract," I will signal that fact by designating the manuscript as a "featured download." Of course, this designation should be taken more as an indication of my own personal interests than as an opinion about how the manuscript stacks up against all those that I haven't read.



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