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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Submission Guide for Online Law Review Supplements Now Available On SSRN

In the beginning of March, a colleague, knowing that I had published two pieces in online law review supplements (here and here), asked if I had a list of online law review supplements because she was interested in possibily writing a piece for one of them. In writing my prior pieces, I actually had created a list of sorts and sent it to her. At the time, though, I realized that she would not be able to submit her proposed original piece to some of these supplements because they only accepted responses to pieces published in their print law reviews. I thus decided it would be useful to create a submission guide for online law review supplements similar to the one that Allen Rostron and Nancy Levit created for traditional law reviews, which would contain information about the types of pieces accepted, submission information, and submission format.

I started by creating a rough draft of a submission guide from information culled from each online supplement's website and then sent that draft to the editors of each journal for additions, deletions, and revisions. The product of that work is the Submission Guide for Online Law Review Supplements, available for download for free from SSRN. The Guide will be updated an an annual basis and as law reviews created new online supplements. Indeed, since the start of this project, two law review have created new online supplements -- Cardozo Law Review's deāˆ™novo and Minnesota Law Review's Headnotes -- so I expect updates to the Guide to be fairly frequent (Mitchell Rubinstein over at Adjunct Law Prof Blog also posted a list of  online law review supplements, which includes some speciality journals not included in my Guide, which only covers general online law reviews). Of course, if any reader is aware of any new online supplements or supplements I missed, please let me know.



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