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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Case Of Interest: Supreme Court Grants Cert in Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts

While, as I noted, the United States Supreme Court denied cert in State v. Bentley,  739 N.W.2d 296 (Iowa 2007), a Confrontation Clause case involving the videotaped testimony of a non-testifying child sexual abuse victim, it granted cert in Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts, a case dealing with whether forensic lab reports are "testimonial" for Confrontation Clause purposes.  I don't have much more to add then what has already been extensively reported by University of Michigan Law School Professor Richard D. Friedman on his excellent Confrontation Blog.  I have reported before on a recent interesting Court of Appeals of New York case dealing with the same issue, and I again direct readers to an excellent article on the same issue by Jennifer Mnookin, A Vice Dean and Professor of Law at the UCLA School of Law.



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