Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sriracha in the Air?

For a spice lover and an environmentalist there could be little more disconcerting than to learn that one's favorite hot sauce is a source of public nuisance caused by the odor of ground peppers. So, when I first learned that the City of Irwindale was threatening to seek closure of the beloved Sriracha sauce factory for causing odor pollution, I was dismayed with the prospect of choosing between my two passions. However, as my colleague Ernesto Hernandez, who has written an op-ed piece (as well as an interview) on the matter after attending a local public hearing clarified, the local environmental protection department seem to have little concern about pollution abatement at the Sriracha factory. While news reports are abuzz with this very hot issue indeed, the outcome is as yet unclear. The City of Irwindale is yet to adopt a resolution on closure of the factory. Relieving though this is, the Sriracha saga nevertheless is an intriguing issue and developments regarding this issue could well provide important lessons in bargaining.


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