Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bike Sharing

The City of Forth Worth embarked on an ambitious bike sharing plan last April with the assistance of a $1 million federal grant.  Just last month, it received another grant--- this one for $550,000 from the Texas Department of Transportation---to expand the program. 

While praised here in Fort Worth (and in many other cities) as (1) an extension of bus and rail systems and (2) inspiring a sense of community, noted property scholar Stephen Clowney (Kentucky) over at Property Prof Blog is one of several commentators who have critiqued such programs on efficiency grounds (see, e.g., here and here). 

The Portland (OR) Bureau of Transportation website includes an information page titled "What We Have Learned from Other Cities."  The page includes a list and the basic parameters of existing bike share programs in the U.S.

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