Wednesday, May 8, 2013

LSU Law Center Launches New Laborde Energy Law Center

Energy Law Center

In a bit of shameless self-promotion of my home institution, I wanted to highlight that LSU's Laborde Energy Law Center has now been officially launched. You can check out the new website here. The Center was made possible in large part by a gift from LSU Law graduate John P. Laborde, who graciously gave the largest gift to the law school in its history. The Laborde Center will have many missions, but its academic programming will focus in large part on providing students practical training and experiential learning opportunities in the area of energy law prior to graduation, including (but not limited to): field trips to energy facilities to learn about the regulatory compliance and other obligations of those industries; white papers informing the broader legal community of timely energy and environmental legal issues; a speaker series with prominent speakers from both the state of Louisiana and nationally; a concentration program in energy law with expanded energy and environmental course offerings; collaboration with the newly formed LSU Journal of Energy Law and Resources to put on a yearly symposium; development of networking and internship opportunities for students in the energy law field; development of robust interdisciplinary curricular and experiential learning opportunities with programs on main campus (such as Geology, Petroleum Engineering, Nuclear Sciences, Coastal Sciences, Environmental Science, Business, and Chemical Engineering).

We are very excited about the center and hope that it will be a resource that the broader energy and environmental law communities can turn to for expertise in the field. Below is the vision statement of the Laborde Energy Law Center:

The twenty-first century presents no challenge to Louisiana, the United States, and indeed the global community greater than that of producing and distributing energy in an effective, safe, equitable and environmentally sound fashion.  To meet this challenge, decision-makers in both the private and public sectors increasingly must rely on attorneys with a sophisticated understanding of the energy industry and the legal and regulatory framework with which the industry operates, in Louisiana and beyond.  In recognition of this need, the LSU Law Center has created the LSU John P. Laborde Energy Law Center that will serve as a leading focal point for educating highly skilled attorneys deeply grounded in the law, business and science of twenty-first century energy in all of its manifestations.

Legal and regulatory issues surrounding the energy industry have become increasingly complex and specialized over the past 30 years as new forms of energy have emerged and regulation of the energy sector has increased. In this context, the demand for legal professionals with a broad, deep and interdisciplinary background in energy law will only grow more pressing. To meet this demand, the Energy Law Center will work to provide superlative preparation for “client ready” attorneys ready to meet the needs of our State and the broader national community.

The Energy Law Center will provide an integrative, multidisciplinary approach to energy law specialization that will complement and add to cutting-edge thinking about legal education.  Our graduates pursuing specialization in the energy sector will be “prepared for practice” and ready to assist with complex projects involving teams of interdisciplinary professionals in the energy industry.

The interdisciplinary mission of the Energy Law Center will provide an additional link between LSU Law and other LSU campuses and disciplines, such as geology, geophysics, biology engineering, and finance.  The Center will also provide new opportunities to build relationships with other interested organizations in the state and across the nation.

Fundamentally, there is no state that is more appropriate for housing such a center, no state in greater need of a comprehensive Energy Law Center, than Louisiana, and no law school better positioned to foster such a center than LSU Law.

- Blake Hudson

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