Monday, May 6, 2013

A Law Review Submissions Dilemma

Recently, one of my colleagues faced a dilemma involving submissions.  Two months ago, he agreed to publish an article in a top specialty journal.  It was late in the submission season and he was somewhat naive about the process, so he didn't realize any journals might still be considering the article, and he didn't withdraw the submission from other law reviews.  To his surprise, a top law review recently expressed interest.  What to do?

I'm curious how other colleagues (and law review editors) have handled this situation.  Of course, the best answer is to avoid the situation entirely by withdrawing your submission everywhere else immediately upon accepting a journal's publication offer.  But that clearly doesn't alert every journal--most years, I get a few rejections, and occasionally an inquiry, from journals I withdrew from weeks earlier--and I've heard of two other instances where this situation arose.  In both, the initial offeror retained the article.  But I'm wondering if that's a typical resolution.

- Dave Owen

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