Friday, April 12, 2013

Workshop Classes

Yesterday, I enjoyed discussing a new paper I've written about solar subsidies with Professor Ann Carlson’s Climate Change and Energy Law Workshop class at UCLA.  In past years, I’ve participated in similar workshop classes at Georgetown and Stanford, but this one worked particularly well because the students were required to write substantial comment papers. I received their comment papers several days before my visit, and they were generally well written and helpful.  During the class, I tried my best to answer all their great questions.  

I wonder if this type of class could be successful using virtual visits.  Ann mentioned that the students really enjoy the opportunity to engage in peer-like communication with professors on cutting-edge academic work, but the travel costs of ten presenters (most from far away places) make it an expensive course for a law school to run. It certainly wouldn’t be as fun for us profs (I really enjoyed dinner afterwards!), but could students still get a lot out of it?

- Lesley McAllister

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