Sunday, October 21, 2012

Call for Papers - Laying the Foundation for a Sustainable Energy Future @ GW Law

George Washington University law school has issued a call for papers for its conference,

"Laying the Foundation for a Sustainable Energy Future," which will be held April 10-11 in Washington, D.C.  Papers presented at the symposium will be published in the GW Journal or Energy and Environmental Law.

Here is a snippet of the announcement:  "We will explore the economic, national security, and social justice aspects, as well as the environmental implications of the concept of sustainable energy.  Sustainable energy implies that decision makers must take into account the significant benefits and risks of conventional energy resource development, the need for improving our energy infrastructure, and the cost and uncertainties of emerging technologies. Coming to grips with today’s energy challenges will test the patience of investors, the resilience of energy consumers and competitive markets, and the prudence of government policymakers and industry leaders over the quarter century.  This may prove to be a transformative period for the U.S. energy economy.  The program will explore how we might design an improved energy system that is 'built to last' and serves the broadest public interests – reliability, security, cost, minimal harm to the physical environment, human safety, competition and ease of market entry, technological innovation, equitable burden sharing, regard for intergenerational impacts – while minimizing regional conflicts and short-term 'stimulus and response' stratagems."

Abstracts for proposed papers are due November 19, 2012.

Questions should be addressed to Jessica Wentz.

-Lincoln Davies

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