Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Casebook Roundup

This semester, I’m teaching Climate Change Law and Public Land & Natural Resources Law, and I thought that an updated list of casebooks for these two courses might be useful to some readers.  I count three choices for Climate Change Law (one of which I am particularly proud to list) and four choices for Public Land Law.  Let me know if I’ve missed something!

Climate Change Law Casebooks

Richard G. Hildreth, David R. Hodas, Nicholas A. Robinson, and James Gustave Speth, Climate Change Law: Mitigation and Adaptation, 2009 (West).

(NEW!) Hari M. Osofsky and Lesley K. McAllister, Climate Change Law and Policy, 2012 (Aspen/ WoltersKluwer).

Chris Wold, David Hunter, and Melissa Powers, Climate Change and the Law, 2009 (Lexis-Nexis).

I use the book I wrote with my fellow blogger Hari Osofsky of course, but I have also used Wold et al., and I liked it quite a bit.  Our book is different in that it is part of the Aspen Elective Series, so it’s shorter and cheaper than a traditional casebook.  It’s going to press in late August and will be on shelves by late September.  If you’d like to get a PDF of the book to use until print copies are available, you can email Ellen Shapiro at WoltersKluwer. 

Public Land & Natural Resources Law Casebooks

George C. Coggins, Charles F. Wilkinson, John D. Leshy, and Robert L. Fischman, Federal Public Land and Resources Law, 6th ed., 2007 (Foundation Press).

Christine A. Klein, Federico Cheever, and Bret C. Birdsong, Natural Resources Law: A Place-Based Book of Problems and Cases, 2d ed., 2009 (Aspen/WoltersKluwer).

Jan G. Laitos, Sandra B. Zellmer, Mary C. Wood, and Daniel H. Cole, Natural Resources Law, 1st ed. 2006, 2nd ed. 2012 (Thomson-West).

James Rasband, James Salzman, and Mark Squillace, Natural Resources Law and Policy, 2d ed., 2009 (Foundation Press). 

I use Klein et al., and I really like it, but I haven’t used the others. For some commentary and comparative analysis, see the fine articles by Blumm, Becker, Gable, Fischman, and Krakoff from the symposium "From Martz to the Twenty-First Century: A Half-Century of Natural Resources Law Casebooks and Pedagogy," published by the University of Colorado Law Review (Volume 78 Issue 2, Spring 2007).

-Lesley McAllister


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