Monday, July 30, 2012

What's Fracking Gotta Do With Rajasthan?

As the legal debate over fracking rages, the flames are spreading in Rajasthan, India. The region is known for guar gum cultivation, which is used as an ingredient in some spices. The bean has now transformed into an important ingredient for fracking and reportedly promises many riches for farmers. Investment is naturally high and farmers will perhaps reap some of the reward. A copy of the report is available at

What this development signifies is that the environment and environmental issues are global. Now, decision regarding fracking in the United States  will inevitably affect farmers in Rajasthan. Perhaps, the market developments in India will implicitly influence decisions in the United States and elsewhere. This also demonstrates that environmental issues always evoke economic issues.

And while I am on the topic of fracking, I would recommend this succinct op-ed on fracking by Professor Joseph Di Mento:


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