Friday, June 29, 2012

Links to Environmental-Related Stuff on Yesterday's Health Care Decision

While it is certain I will miss some, here are the blogs that I have seen on how yesterday's health care ruling might (or might not) impact future environmental law cases.

Ann Carlson (Legal Planet) -- Another (Mostly) Uninformed Post About the Health Care Cases and Environmental Law

Brigham Daniels (this blog) -- Fortuitous Spleens and Hapless Toads

David Driesen (CPR Blog) -- Health Care's New Commerce Clause: Implications for Environmental Law

Tim Mulvaney (this blog) -- Today's Health Care Decision: Some Potential Implications for Environmental Law

Jonathan Zasloff (Legal Planet) -- Conditional Spending and the Clean Air Act

Here are a number of media soucrces on what the opinion says about future cases (including environmental cases) more generally.

Jonathan Adler (SCOTUS Blog) -- Lose the battle, win the war?

Erwin Chemerinsky (SCOTUS Blog) -- A surprise?

Jedediah Purdy (Huffington Post) -- How to Read the Health Care Opinion

James B Stewart (NY Times, The Caucus) -- An Important New Limit on the Commerce Clause

-- Brigham Daniels

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