Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Inaugural University of Minnesota Interdisciplinary Environmental and Energy Law Workshop

Am delighted to share the latest development in our growing environmental and energy law program here.  This week, from May 3-5, we will be hosting our inaugural interdisciplinary environmental and energy law workshop, "New Directions in Environmental and Energy Law, Policy, and Geography." The workshop and our environmental and energy law program is organized around four themes: (1) clean energy infrastructure; (2) multi-level environmental and energy governance; (3) environmental, energy, and climate justice; and (4) sustainable communities.  We plan to host a major conference in spring 2013 on Legal and Policy Pathways for Energy Innovation that also focuses on these themes for which we will post an announcement and call for papers in the coming months.


I am particularly pleased that we will have scholars from law, public policy, geography, and business from the University of Minnesota and other universities around the country presenting papers and often commenting on work from another discipline. We also are incorporating our students, including giving inaugural awards to their law, public policy, and interdisciplinary scholarship where they will discuss their work.

Faculty participants include:

Deepa Badrinarayana, Chapman University
Melinda Harm Benson, University of New Mexico
Jeffrey Bielicki, University of Minnesota
Alejandro Camacho, University of California, Irvine
Ann Carlson, UCLA
Lincoln Davies, University of Utah
Daniel Farber, UC Berkeley
Victor Flatt, UNC
Robert Glicksman, George Washington University
Rebecca Hardin, University of Michigan
Brad Karkkainen, University of Minnesota
Alice Kaswan, University of San Francisco
Steve Kelley, University of Minnesota

Alexandra Klass, University of Minnesota
Katherine Klink, University of Minnesota
Jennifer Kuzma, University of Minnesota
Helga Leitner, University of Minnesota
Alfred Marcus, University of Minnesota
Beth Mercer-Tayler, University of Minnesota
Myron Orfield, University of Minnesota
Hari Osofsky, University of Minnesota
Ashira Ostrow, Hofstra University
Dalia Patino, Duke University
Eric Sheppard, University of Minnesota
Elizabeth Wilson, University of Minnesota
Hannah Wiseman, Florida State University

Hari Osofsky

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