Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Embarking on an Exciting New Adventure in an Environmental Hot-spot

At the risk of engaging in shameless self-promotion of my home institution, I've had the fortune to spend this week at my new place of employment starting June 1, the LSU Law Center. I grew up only four hours from Baton Rouge, in south Alabama, so this move is very much like going home. So, on a personal level I am ecstatic to be moving to this part of the country. More importantly, however, the LSU Law Center is making some very exciting strides toward developing a robust environmental program. The Law Center is currently seeking to fill a new endowed Nesser Chair in Energy Law. My appointment will be a joint one with the LSU School of the Coast and Environment, where I will also be teaching courses. We plan to cross-list a variety of environmental law related courses so that graduate students and law students can meet in the same classroom - to have clients talking with their lawyers prior to graduation. As this blog has recently highlighted (here and here), students at the LSU Law Center have recently formed the new LSU Journal of Energy Law and Resources, which is, of course, a natural home for an energy journal considering the energy sector presence in Louisiana. LSU will be hosting the 59th Annual Mineral Law Institute this week, and later this month Dave Owen and I will be participating with others in the Lousiana Law Review's Coastal Land Loss Symposium.

So in short, I am excited about the many environmentally focused activities taking place at the Law Center. And this focus is well-warranted considering Louisiana's vast forest, wetland, and biodiversity resources, its vast energy resources and production sector, coastal land loss issues and related climate change impacts along the Louisiana coast, the amount of international trade that goes in and out of Louisiana ports and up and down the Mississippi River, and the fisheries industry off the Louisiana coast, among a variety of other environmental issues in the state. With the great environmental faculty and programs at Tulane Law and Loyola New Orleans College of Law nearby, there is a fantastic opportunity for inter-institutional synergies in what is truly an environmental hot-spot right here in our own backyard. 

- Blake Hudson


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Sounds great Ed! I agree 100% Please find me at the symposium - I hope to see you there!

Posted by: Blake Hudson | Mar 25, 2012 6:51:55 PM

Welcome to Louisiana! I'm glad to see that LSU is expanding it's Environmental program, and I think the recent focus on Energy is an exciting development. It's a good way for LSU to distinguish itself from the Environmental programs at Tulane and Loyola. It is also a welcome expansion of the traditional focus on oil and gas. I am delighted to see a couple of general Energy topics included in the Mineral Law Institute this week. I, too, am attending the Mineral Law Institute and will attend the coastal land symposium next week.

Posted by: Ed Viguerie | Mar 23, 2012 8:33:12 AM

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