Saturday, February 25, 2012

(Short) Thoughts on Publishing Formats; A (Short) Publication Opportunity

When I initially entered academia, the possibility of publishing something other than a full-length law review article seemed distant, if not downright dangerous.  Publish or perish and all the rest of it.  Yadda yadda yadda.  As I began, however, to see the broader view of what publishing really is about -- disseminating ideas, participating in a conversation -- I also warmed up to putting out shorter pieces.  Writing in a more abbreviated format offers a number of benefits:  It forces you to sharpen your thoughts.  It can serve as an additional outlet for your ideas.  It reaches further audiences.  And, let's face it, more people might be willing to read a 2-page magazine piece or a 500-word op-ed than a full-length law review article.  So, as my thinking on how I want to contribute to the conversation about energy and environmental law and policy evolves, I am increasingly inclined to consider publishing in what, for law professors, might be considered non-traditional outlets.

To that end, here is one opportunity that has come up for publishing a non-law review article:

ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources
April 2012 Energy Committees Newsletter 

The Energy Committees of the ABA’s Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources are now accepting articles for the April edition of the committees’ e-newsletter.  Articles may be on any current energy law or policy topic and should be roughly 1500 words, with in-text citations (no footnotes).

Articles are due Friday, April 6th to Adam Sherwin, Vice Chair of the Energy Infrastructure and Siting Committee (  Those interested in submitting an article are encouraged to contact Adam prior to the submission deadline.

In addition to submissions by lawyers, articles from law students and non-attorney energy professionals are welcome.

Past newsletters may be found at:

-Lincoln Davies

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