Friday, December 9, 2011

Congress's Clothes?

The Emperors New Clothes Athletic GearJPG
Here is one to keep some of us from wearing the same "lucky" shirt over and over without end: compostable clothing. That is the new direction in which Puma hopes to take their clothing line. Puma has already committed to phasing out hazardous chemicals from it's supply chain and has replaced its energy and resource intensive shoe-box manufacturing with a reusable bag model. Puma's leader Franz Koch states that "in the near future we will be able to bring the first shoes, T-shirts and bags, that are either compostable or recyclable, to the market."

Puma, of course, is not the first to experiment with compostable clothing. As noted here:

"A Japanese microbiologist has come up with a Spud Coat, a raincoat made of bioplastic
derived from potato starch - it is 100 percent biodegradable and compostable. It even comes with a seed-bomb integrated into its fabric that will sprout a vegetable garden once the coat breaks down. At Miami Swim Week this year, Linda Loudermilk debuted a completely compostable swimsuit made from plant starch."

In the tale of "The Emperor's New Clothes," tailors design clothes that they declare are invisible to those who are unfit for their positions, hopelessly stupid, or incompetent. The Emperor "puts them on," pretending that he can see them out of fear that he will be perceived as incompetent. Dare I say we might see some members of the current Congress sporting compostable (or rapidly composting) Puma gear before too long?  

- Blake Hudson

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