Friday, December 16, 2011

"Baby's Drinkin' Coke From a Plant-made Bottle and Wearin' Tight-fittin', Air-purifyin' Jeans"

Conway TwittyConway Twitty - "Tight Fittin' Jeans"

Yes, that does sound like the title of a country song - albeit one with an environmentally conscious message. Indeed, it is an occurrence that may soon come to pass given the increased focus of big name brands on environmental protection.  I have posted previously about the problems that plastic contamination poses as a general matter, but here is a great new technological advancement that can alleviate some of those concerns: Coca-Cola and Pepsi are currently battling to be the first to bring fully recyclable, fossil-fuel-free plastic bottles to the market - bottles made entirely from plant product. Coca-Cola actually plans to replace all of its petroleum-based plastics with bio-based materials over the next decade.

I also posted previously about Puma's compostable clothing line. Designer Helen Storey has taken a similar approach, designing dresses that dissolve in water and, even more interestingly, jeans laced with titanium dioxide that allow wearers to clean the air as they go about their daily business. As NewScientist explains,

Manufacturers have long used nanoparticles of titanium dioxide in products from paint to cement to improve air quality. TiO2 is a photocatalytic compound, reacting to sunlight to turn harmful nitrogen oxide gases into harmless nitrates that can be washed away. Where TiO2 has been used on roads and buildings, NOx levels have been cut by as much as 60 per cent...To cut 3 tonnes per day - roughly the amount needed to lower NOx to optimal levels in Sheffield [UK] - you would need some 300,000 people walking around in treated jeans.

So maybe "Baby's Drinkin' Coke From a Plant-made Bottle And Wearin' Tight-fittin', Air-purifyin' Jeans" will hit the shelves of music stores soon. After all, it would not be completely without precedent. Perhaps I am taking liberty with the lyrics here, but David Allen Coe made a similar point in his classic "You Never Even Called Me By My Name,"

Well, I was installing a solar panel on my roof...the day my out of prison

And I pick her my hyyybrid

But befoooorree I could get to the station in my 40-mile-per-gallon pickuuup truck

She got runned over by a damned new high-speed-rail traaaiiiinn

- Blake Hudson

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