Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chocolate and Climate Change

Much has been said about the catastrophic threats related to climate change.  Frustratingly, the reports of scientists have proved so dire that many people have a hard time believing them.  "How can climate change present so many severe environmental, social, and economic challenges?  Can we really be in that bad of of a fix?" 

While the news on climate change only seems to get worse with time, here is something that most people might be able to grasp.  A recently released report suggests that affordable chocolate may be a victim of climate change.  (I found out about the report on the Environmental News Network.)  The logic behind these findings has to do with the temperature-sensitive cocoa bean.  Apparently slight increases in temperatures in much of the chocolate-producing world would have seriously negative impacts on the cocoa crop. 

While more expensive chocolate is not nearly as serious as some of climate changes predicted impacts, it is still pretty terrible.  Just imagine:  a world plagued with disaster... and no chocolate.  If that doesn't do it for you, imagine the marketing slogans that might accompany a chocolate-constrained world:

“Hungry? Why wait? Oh yeah, because I can no longer afford chocolate.” – Snickers

“Crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery and no longer chocolatety, Butterfinger” – Butterfinger

“Gimme a break, seriously” – Kit Kat

“It is just like that city with the name I can't remember...  It used to be in what was still Florida before sea level rise...  It's Whatchamacallit!” - Whatchamacallit

“They would melt like the world's glaciers if you only could afford to put some into your mouth.” – M&Ms

“You used to think that climate scientists were nuts, now you don't.” – Mounds and Almond Joy

- Brigham Daniels

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