Saturday, October 8, 2011

Green Cleaning? Try Method Products


Prior to the recent birth of our son, my wife and I were discussing a need to use more green products, and especially in the context of household cleaning. We are, of course, interested not only because of health concerns (unsafe chemicals, etc.) but also because we want to support companies that incorporate environmental concerns into their business model. After researching for quite some time we decided that Method products were the best for us. 

While I do not usually promote specific products, I thought I would at least highlight a few Method-ocean_plastic_horizof the interesting aspects of Method's approach (disclaimer: I am receiving no product placement or other fees from Method :-) ). As highlighted here, though Method started with $300,000 of capital in 2003 they raked in $45 million in revenue by 2006. By 2008 they held 60% of the green cleaning market. Method takes a cradle to cradle approach and their bottles and packaging are almost entirely composed of recycled plastic. The company has made strides toward the goal of becoming carbon neutral and even operates out of a LEED certified facility. 

Each year in my Ocean & Coastal Law and Policy class I show "Toxic: Garbage Island," a documentary about the plastic contamination in the Pacific Ocean's North Pacific Gyre, and Method is even taking a stab at addressing that problem. Method recently entered into a partnership with Envision Plastics to create bottles composed in part (25%) from plastic collected from the Gyre (2,000 miles off the west coast), some of which had been floating in the ocean for more than a decade. Though cleaning up the Gyre is a virtual impossibility, and prevention is the only real way to tackle the problem of future ocean contamination, Method's approach takes a step in the right direction - not only in finding alternative sources of plastic but it raising awareness of the plastic pollution problem.

In the end, we like their products not only because they are safer for our family, but because if more companies would take their approach we could secure a safer world for future families.

- Blake Hudson

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Companies have a social responsibility(which most don't fulfill, surprise surprise) in regards to how their products' packaging is disposed of. The use of recycled plastic bottles in Method's products is really a good idea, since less plastic is produced and they're helping clean up the ocean. Hopefully more companies do the same and eventually everyone wins. I commend the efforts of companies who take active steps in protecting the environment.

Juan Miguel Ruiz (Happily Green)

Posted by: Juan Miguel Ruiz | Oct 9, 2011 11:45:12 AM

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