Sunday, September 18, 2011

In Case You Missed It - The Week of September 11 to September 17

* Kaid Benfield, who directs the Sustainable Communities and Smart Growth program at the Natural Resources Defense Council, co-founded the LEED for Neighborhood Development rating system, and co-founded of Smart Growth America reflected in The Atlantic on the legacy of 9-11 for communities and built environment.

* The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced “the release of Plan EJ 2014, a three-year, comprehensive plan to advance environmental justice efforts in nine areas, including rulemaking, permitting, enforcement, and science.”

 * The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that it will not meet its September 30 deadline for issuing greenhouse gas emissions regulations regarding power plants and other major sources.

* A Minnesota wildfire in the Boundary Waters area has burned 100,000 acres, which is the largest wildfire in the state in recent history.

* Siemens, which is the biggest engineering conglomerate in Europe, announced that it would stop building nuclear power plants worldwide after the German government decided to phase out nuclear power by 2022.

* House Republicans questioned whether the White House rushed approval for a government loan guarantee for Solyndra Inc., a solar panel manufacturer that has since filed for bankruptcy.

* NOAA and FWS have revised regulations related to Loggerhead sea turtle conservation, dividing the species into nine different population groups. It is thought that the division will allow the government to reduce threats to the turtles by increased focus on the localized challenges that they face.

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