Saturday, June 25, 2011

In Case You Missed It - The Week of June 19-25

* The Supreme Court issued its decision in AEP v. CT, holding 8-0 that federal public nuisance law was displaced by Congress's delegation of regulatory authority over greenhouse gases to the EPA in the Clean Air Act.

* Al Gore criticized the media and President Obama for not getting the message out to the public that strong action to address climate change is needed (Rolling Stone).   

* Governor Rick Perry of Texas signed a bill that requires oil and gas companies to disclose to the public the chemicals in their hydraulic fracturing fluids and the volume of water used to fracture wells (Washington Post). 

* The Chinese government hosted a three day international conference on climate change and kicked it off by announcing its determination to develop a low-carbon economy (Huffington Post).

* The House of Representatives is currently debating (and perhaps fast tracking) a bill that would make major revisions to the Clean Water Act (NY Times).

* Larry Sabato suggests Republicans are at least slightly favored to take the Senate in the 2012 elections ( 

* The Wall Street Journal published an editorial questioning claims about the risks of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas and arguing, "If we let the fear of undocumented pollution kill this boom, we will deserve our fate as a second-class industrial power."

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