Monday, May 9, 2011

If You Would Like to Help With The Southeastern Tornado Disaster Relief...

Storm route
The tornadoes that ravaged the Southeast on April 27, 2011 were unbelievably tragic, leaving a wake of destruction that is hard to fathom. Over 300 people lost their lives.  


The most powerful tornado resulted in over 200 mph winds, was over a mile wide, and was on the ground for more than 132 miles.  You can see the various tornado paths and their respective measures of destructive force here.

The path of the most deadly tornado was just a few blocks from the University of Alabama School of Law.  Students at the law school have established a fund that, according to students at the school, "will be directed first toward law students and their families who have lost their homes, property, etc. Second, it will be used to fund our volunteer relief efforts (tools, bags, boxes, nails, food, water, etc.). And finally, the residual cash, if there is any, will be donated to the Red Cross, who will likely be set up here for the long term." The law school's SBA treasurer, Will Booher, has set up a Paypal Account for those who would like to donate via credit card.  Having a Paypal account is not necessary to use this method of donation.  You can access the donation link here.

- Blake Hudson


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