Saturday, May 2, 2009

Confirmed cases - May 2nd am

*Deaths: 168 deaths in Mexico, 12 confirmed as swine flu. One confirmed in U.S., a nearly 2-year-old boy from Mexico who died in Texas.

**Confirmed sickened worldwide: 504; 300 confirmed as having swine flu in Mexico; 133 in U.S.; 35 in Canada; 13 in Spain; eight in Britain; four each in Germany and New Zealand; two in Israel; one each in Switzerland, Austria, China, Denmark and the Netherlands. Mexico is no longer releasing "suspected" numbers; the number of suspected cases was 2,498 before the tally was halted.

**U.S. confirmed sickened, by state: 50 in New York; 26 in Texas; 18 in California; 10 in South Carolina; five in New Jersey; four each in Arizona and Delaware; two each in Kansas, Colorado, Virginia, Michigan and Massachusetts; and one each in Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, Minnesota, Nebraska and Nevada.

Kill ratio worldwide = 13/504 = 2.6 % deaths = greater than 1918 flu = PSI 5

Kill ration without Mexico = 1/490 = .02% = PSI 1

We still need to figure out: what happened in Mexico.

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