Monday, January 19, 2009

Fast track climate change

Obama can make a number of executive decisions to immediately address climate change.  The favorites of environmentalists are:

    * Direct U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to let California and other states regulate greenhouse gas pollutants from cars.

* Direct EPA to regulate greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide from power plants.

    * Offer national carbon reduction targets.

    * Direct Transportation Department to set aggressive auto fuel-efficiency targets for 2011-2015 model years.

    * Make government procurement changes to increase federal use of alternative energy, building efficiency -- and put solar panels on the White House.

I look to Jackson, not Obama, to announce the first two.  The last two seem like an executive order later in February.  The targets need to be discussed with Congress -- we might start by realigning the discussion ala Hansen's 1 degree, 350 ppm target.

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