Sunday, January 4, 2009

AAAS Forum on Sustainability Science

Those of you with an interest in the intersection between law, science, and technology may find the following program of interest:

Forum on Sustainability Science Programs
Thursday 12 February 2009
1-6 PM
Chicago, IL

One of the biggest challenges that the planet faces is how to balance
the needs of human development and with the needs of the environment.
Policy makers at all levels of governance increasingly look to
scientists and engineers to provide guidance in creating sustainable
societies.  Universities are increasingly responding by developing
academic and research programs in Science and Technology for Sustainable
Development or *Sustainability Science* that undertake practical,
place-based research to provide decision-support for addressing
sustainability challenges.

Since the inaugural Forum at the 2007 AAAS Annual Meeting in San
Francisco, the AAAS Center for Science, Technology, and Sustainable
Development has convened key university actors in Sustainability Science
to dialogue on collaborative approaches to building this emerging field.
Though participants hail from diverse perspectives and institutions
most are experiencing similar challenges as they develop
interdisciplinary programs, which combine both basic and applied
research methods.

As a follow-up to previous sessions which identified key challenges and
opportunities (2007) and began to identify opportunities to further
connect these universities (2008), the 2009 Forum for Sustainability
Science Programs will tackle a number of common concerns for these
programs including:

*       Course Content and Curriculum Development
*       Sustainability Science and Decision-Making
*       Supporting Interdisciplinary Research for Sustainability

The Forum will include a series of roundtable discussions, led by key
actors in the sustainability science community.  A reception following
the roundtables will provide an opportunity for further networking
amongst this group.

This event will be held on the opening day of the 2009 AAAS Annual
Meeting, featuring 150+ scientific symposia, including tracks on
*Sustainability Science and Policy*, *Feeding a Hungry
Planet*, *Managing Environmental Challenges*, and
*Understanding Environmental Change*.

Registration and travel details are available at:

More details on this program to follow in early Janaury, or by

Sarah Banas
AAAS Program Associate
(202) 326-6492

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