Monday, January 19, 2009

A Short-list Agenda for Carol Browner

1.  Maximize the energy/environment piece of the pie in the stimulus bill and let Congress allocate it
2.  Make a deal with Hillary Clinton about how Browner is going to be involved in high level international negotiations regarding climate change
3.  Have Obama issue an executive order requiring departments create processes to  (1) ensure that departmental decisions are reviewed for consistency with Administration policy and deviations are explained, (2) assure that departmental policy/decisions will be based on agency expertise and scientific information rather than rewritten to conform policy positions, and (3) review Bush administration
decisions made since January 2008 for compliance with law and consistency with Administration policy. Suspend rules issued since May/June 2008 until Congress has an opportunity to review them under the Congressional Review Act.
4.   Work with OMB and departments to adjust the departmental budgets to address Administration priorities
5.  Chair a weekly luncheon with undersecretaries responsible for every significant energy/environment agency to do agenda-setting and early issue identification/conflict resolution.   Chair a high level domestic policy council subcommittee includes chairs for the key presidential advisors, including her, as well as all of the relevant E & E departments.
6.  Have framework for climate change legislation agreed upon with Congressional leadership before Copenhagen -- and moving through Congress.

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