Monday, September 29, 2008 the close of business, the Dow had dropped over 700 points...

Don't look at your stock portfolios or your retirement accounts.  It'll just make you crazy.  TIAA-CREF has all the money I have in the's hoping they make it.  The funny thing is that today we have the same people, equipment, plant, and natural resources that we had yesterday.  What we don't have is the prospect that lots of people can make lots of money by being the grease of the economy.  Maybe there were too many people making money being grease.

U.S. stocks dived on Monday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit with its worst point loss ever, after the House of Representatives rejected the government's $700 billion rescue plan for the financial sector. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 738 points about 6.6%

Dow Jones Industrial Average
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 Last: 10,365.45-777.68-6.98%
4:14pm 09/29/2008
Delayed quote data
$INDU 10,365.45,       -777.68,       -7.0%)     fell 738.42 points, or 6.6%, to end at 10,404.71. The S&P 500 ($SPX:
S&P 500 Index
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 Last: 1,106.42-106.85-8.81%
4:24pm 09/29/2008

 Last: 1,983.73-199.61-9.14%
4:24pm 09/29/2008

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