Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin hugs big oil, not bears

Gristmill reports the lowdown on Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, John McCain's VP pick:


...She has pushed to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling and to build a natural-gas pipeline from Alaska's North Slope, and earlier this year she sued the Interior Department over its decision to list the polar bear as a threatened species.  Palin recently proposed eliminating Alaska's gas tax. She also recently opposed a statewide ballot initiative to prohibit or restrict new mining operations that could affect salmon in the state's streams and rivers.

[proposed caption for this picture from  USFWS, "Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be Republicans."] 

Palin has declined to join the Western Climate Initiative.  Her husband is an oil production operator for BP on Alaska's North Slope. And Gristmill reports that Palin said earlier this week, "When I look every day, the big oil company's building is right out there next to me, and it's quite a reminder that we should have mutually beneficial relationships with the oil industry."  


The eco-rundown on Alaska guv Sarah Palin, John McCain's veep pick

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Posted by: quality consultants | Nov 8, 2008 2:34:01 PM

I guess as a hunter she is more interested in hunting Polar Bears, can't do that if they are endangered.

Posted by: Randy Barr | Sep 7, 2008 9:30:21 AM

I don't think that this is a very balanced assessment of Palin's track record. I did a recent post on the perspective she brings to climate change. In researching the post I discovered Gov. Palin has been quite active on addressing climate change in her state. Her administration is already developing detailed plans and strategies to deal with the very real impacts of climate change already ocurring in Alaska. She also makes all documents readily accessible on her webpage.

Posted by: Joe Koncelik | Sep 2, 2008 8:09:11 PM

You may recall that about 50% of AK's revenue is from oil, and that AK has no state sales or income taxes, and send a $1000+ check to every citizen every year.

For some reason I don't understand, you (and we in CA) subsidize AK, or at least we did in 21001, i.e., OR & CA send more money to Federal Govt than we get back, whereas AK is the reverse.

Posted by: John Mashey | Sep 1, 2008 6:58:52 PM

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