Friday, May 16, 2008

The Hills are Alive....

As the global temperature rises, Scandinavian mountains are growing trees that require warm temperatures, such as oak, elm, maple, and black alder.   Science Daily reports that studies by Professor Leif Kullman have noted an elevation of timberline by 200 meters, allowing trees to establish in areas that have not been forested for 8,000 years.  "The changes are so rapid that plants like fireweed (rose bay) and rowan have even taken root in the gravel up on melting glaciers. Even wood anemones are appearing higher up the mountain," says Leif Kullman,"the alpine world is evincing truly major changes despite the modest increase in temperature. Present prognoses of a temperature increase of three degrees by 2100 will entail considerably more sweeping changes. We can expect fewer bare mountain areas, even more lush vegetation, and a richer flora."

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I am glad there will be something at least to help the dwindling "lungs of the earth," the rain-forests. Hopefully the chain reaction we started with green house gases can be slowed down and eventually reversed.

But,how long will it be before we start chopping down those mountain-top forests for timber?

Posted by: Marc | May 19, 2008 6:30:05 AM

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