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Oregon Global Warming Commission appointed

Here's the announcement of Oregon's Global Warming Commission
January 24, 2008
Governor Kulongoski Announces Global Warming Commission and Outlines 2009 Climate Change Agenda
Governor calls for Commission to develop long-term policy recommendations to combat global warming for future legislatures and administrations.

Salem – Governor Ted Kulongoski today announced the appointments to the Oregon Global Warming Commission, a 25-member advisory group created by the 2007 legislature through House Bill 3543. In a meeting with the new commission members, the Governor charged the group to develop recommendations for policy makers for the 2009 legislative session that will build on Oregon’s aggressive actions on global warming and climate change.

“The mission of the Global Warming Commission becomes more urgent every day,” said Governor Kulongoski. “From rising waters during winter storms to raging forest fires and drought that threatens the future of our farms, vineyards, and orchards, global warming is already threatening Oregon’s economic prosperity and quality of life.”

The commission follows the work of the Climate Change Integration Group that will soon release its report on how Oregon is making progress on adapting to climate change  and outline next steps for the state. The final report, in conjunction with the work of the Global Warming Commission, will play a key role in the development of the Governor’s climate change package for the 2009 legislative session. The package will focus on both protecting the climate and continuing to develop Oregon’s nationally recognized green economy to bring new companies and jobs to the state.

“Dealing with global warming is not just a moral imperative, it’s an economic imperative,” said Governor Kulongoski. “Oregon’s efforts to attract companies that are focused on climate change benefits not only the environment but also our goal to create a business climate ideal for investment in renewable and clean energy technologies.”

The Governor outlined key elements of his 2009 Climate Change Agenda, including:
  • Development of a cap and trade proposal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the region;
  • A comprehensive water package to address reduced snow pack leading to low water levels in the summer;
  • Aggressive steps for energy efficiency and the development of green building, a green collar workforce and electric cars; and,
  • Resources for state and local agencies to integrate climate change policy and analyze impacts of climate change on our water, forest, coastal and transportation resources.
“I look forward to working with the Global Warming Commission on the important work they have before them,” said Governor Kulongoski. “Together, we will meet the challenges presented by rapid climate change.”

The Governor also took action today to support the state’s climate change efforts by signing on to a letter, along with thirteen other states, to the Environmental Protection Agency expressing frustration with the EPA’s refusal to grant a waiver for tailpipe emissions standards that would allow Oregon to reduce greenhouse gasses emitted by automobiles by implementing stricter standards. The clean tailpipe standards are a key part of the Governor’s existing climate strategies.  This letter follows one sent by Oregon’s Attorney General urging the EPA to move forward on the Massachusetts v. EPA case where the court ordered the EPA to determine if greenhouse gas emissions from new motor vehicles cause air pollution that endangers public health.

For a copy of the letter, go to:

For the membership of the Global Warming Commission, go to:

Anna Richter Taylor, 503-378-5040
Rem Nivens, 503-378-6496
Patty Wentz, 503-378-6169

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