Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blog Action Day

Yesterday was the inaugural Blog Action Day -- encouraging every blogger to post on global warming and the environment.  For those who missed yesterday, here's a link where you can register to receive information about next year's event.  Blog Action Day registration.  Here's some of the action from yesterday from outside the environmental blog universe:

Bitblogger writes: I got wind of the Inaugural Blog Action Day a little late, but I want to participate because it’s such a great cause. Blog Action Day is a cooperative effort by bloggers around the world to raise awareness on a given topic each year. This year the topic is (The Environment) climate change and global warming. I’m not going to pretend to give you tips on going green. I’m simply trying to raise awareness by posting about Blog Action Day, and the environment is a topic that I have a deep interest in.The environment, and the changes that it’s undergoing is an increasingly pressing issue and it’s really not that hard to help in your own way. If you’re concerned about global warming and the environment, there are lots of blogs and websites out there aimed at helping people like you and me live a little ‘greener’ with simple everyday tips and motivational articles. One of my favorites (and one of the most popular) is TreeHugger. I’m a daily TreeHugger RSS reader because of all the simple tips and practical ways they help me help the environment. Yahoo also has an entire section of it’s armada of services, Yahoo Green, devoted to living greener and raising awareness. You might be surprised at how easy it is to help the environment, and how much even the little things count

Profy's blog writes:  Our Web was the platform for a blitz by nearly 16,000 bloggers concerned with global warming and the environment today. Blog Action Day, a U.N. backed event, represents a significant milestone for Web 2.0. Bloggers from around the world participated in serving up ideas, tips and data to inform people via their blogs. Blogs have been a rapidly growing medium for concern and information about environmental problems. News on important issues from the U.N. summit to Al Gore's recent Nobel Peace Prize are spread across blogs in every corner of our world. Our world - this is the way we have to start viewing Earth and each other. Here's my two cents worth, where's yours?

It's Global Dude

Crucial issues are the meat and potatoes of some of the best blogs and also an indication of the growing acceptance of blogs as part of the information base for many people. According to a Reuters story today: "Blogs are a new sign of concern about the environment." If nothing else, bloggers do have a voice, and perhaps that will be enough to affect more change. Blog Action Day's aim is to promote a running commentary about these and other important issues according to the story. EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said this in his blog: "There are big differences in national levels of environmental awareness — though my impression is that the level is increasing pretty much everywhere at the moment." Bloggers united in informing their readers about these issues can reach millions on something of a different level than conventional news sources. This is a very good thing.

Earth 2.0

From an old guy perspective, if we had been empowered with this kind of communication back in the day we would have been raising hell. Can you imagine the level and volume of discourse that would have taken place during the civil rights movement, the Kennedy assassination and especially the Vietnam War? If we had been exposed to more than Walter Cronkite assuring us that each and every U.S. soldier was personally destroying hundreds of VC or North Vietnamese troop we might have be privy to some actual facts. I believe blogging and our newfound platform is much more powerful and potentially useful than is often considered. Melting ice caps and global extinction do seem rather more impactive issue than any of our wars - and certainly a subject for great concern.

Freaking A

Copyblogger had a great quote in this story essentially pointing out that - even small actions can literally save the world. Seriously folks - we cannot continue to bury our heads in the sand and rely on a delusional circular logic system that says our massive output has no effect on a closed system. I usually don't go this far but such thinking is ignorance and madness - really. If each of us can do just a few of the simple things - it can only help the situation.


Just a few months ago some scientists assured us that polar ice melting was not serious - today many are afraid for the worst. Use Google maps to check out rainforests and the polar ice caps - great Caesar's ghost - compare pics from 1970 and you will freak. A million people just asking questions is a powerful tool for change. So, there you have it, my small contribution to Blog Action Day. Ironically, I am listening to "Nights in White Satin" - yeah you know you love it - well we were there. "Just what the truth is, I can't say any more." Seek the truth and send it via the Web..


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