Friday, November 17, 2006

Environmental Justice Conference

Take a break before Spring Break and check out

The Climate of Environmental Justice:


Taking Stock

University of Colorado, Boulder,  March 16-17, 2007

Friday,   March 16

Keynote Speaker:  Representative Mark Udall, Congressman (D-CO) (invited)

Saturday,   March 17

8:45-10:30            Panel 1:  Environmental Justice and the Current Social and Political Climate
Robert Bullard, Clark University
Ellenn Gauna, University of New Mexico Law
Rachel Godsil, Seton Hall Law

Rebecca Tsosie, Arizona State Law

Moderator:   Dayna Bowen Matthew,  University of Colorado Law


11:00-12:45          Panel 2:   Climate Justice:  The Next Movement?
Luke Cole, Director, Center on Race, Poverty & the   Environment
MIchael B. Gerrard
, Partner, Arnold & Porter   (N.Y.)
Ruth Gordon, Villanova law
Richard Lazarus, Georgetown UniversitTY LAW

Moderator:  Lakshman Guruswamy, University of Colorado  

2:00 –   3:30          Panel 3:   Strategic Planning:  Creating A Roadmap for Intergenerational
Environmental Justice

Sheila Foster, Fordham Law

Cliff Rechtschaffen, Golden Gate University LAW
Dean Suagee, Hobbs, Straus, Dean & Walker LLP (D.C).

Nicholas Targ
, Counsel, Office of Environmental Justice, EPA,
Moderator: Mark Squillace, Director of Natural Resources Law Center

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