Friday, June 9, 2006

French Investigate Chernobyl "Cover-up"

Link: Twenty Years After Chornobyl, Legal Fallout Lingers

In another round of the nuclear power debate in France, a French court has begun an investigation of the French government's response to Chernobyl, amidst allegations that the former head of the French nuclear safety agency minimized dangers and the government therefore failed to take precautions such as banning produce from affected areas,

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Started during the first days after the accident complex diagnostic investigations were continued after Shelter object construction completion. Main arias of investigations were:
• сlarification of quantity and location of nuclear fuel inside the Unit;
• determination of fuel containing masses mechanical, physical and chemical condition;
• nuclear and radiation safety assessment;
• creation and operation of diagnostic systems;
• facility’s constructions reliability monitoring.
Investigation of the Shelter object started from hols drilling. Results of these investigations provided wide volume of information. It was possible to determine character of internal damages, constructions condition, to penetrate to fuel congestions and to sample fuel containing materials (FCM), to measure directly neutron multiplication factor in congestions, which showed that FCM in the Shelter were in subcritical state. It was established, that inside the Shelter the fuel was in the form of destroyed reactor core fragments, stark glassy mass (lava) and fuel dust.
Results of drilling allowed to determine new penetration ways into the Shelter premises and stimulated creation of the special diagnostic robots for works implementation inside the sarcophagus.
Investigations Chernobyl Shelter

Initial large-scale works on Shelter’s constructions reinforcement were started in 1987 and completed in 1989. It was revealed three zones requiring urgent anti-emergency measures: deaerator stack, main circulating pumps premise and premise 805/3.
In spit of additional measures on constructions reinforcement, experts understood, that in existing status the Shelter couldn’t be considered as facility, safety of which is ensured for decades. At that time it was proposed for the first time Concept of the Shelter object transformation into safe system by Shelter-2 construction. That means to erect containment above existing Shelter, which will be able to serve during many decays. And with the time it was planed to create technologies and under protection of the Shelter-2 to dismantle destroyed Unit, transport and dispose the fuel. Long-term activity on Shelter preparation for transformation into ecologically safe system was started since this time. National experts and international community took an active part in this process. Scientists and expert made unexampled efforts in development of comprehensive approach to Shelter’s problems solution.

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