Wednesday, April 26, 2006

US Lags World Public Opinion in Recognizing Global Warming as Problem

Link: World Public Opinion.

On average 92% of the people in 30 countries believe climate change or global warming is a serious problem and 65% believe it is a very serious problem.  Only three countries have less than 80% who consider it serious (the US 76%, South Africa 72%, and Kenya 65%).

In no country, other than the US, do more than one in five say that climate change is not a serious problem.

In 23 countries a majority says that global warming is a “very serious” problem. On average, 65 percent say that it is a very serious problem. The only countries where this is not a majority position are six developing countries (China 39%, Indonesia 44%, Kenya 44%, South Africa 44%, Philippines 46%, Nigeria 47%,) and the US (49%).

Of 16 countries polled in 2003 as well as 2005, the percentage saying the problem is very serious increased from 49% to 61%.   In four countries it was relatively unchanged: China (with 39% very serious), India (65%), Mexico (67%), and Brazil (78%). China and India, interestingly, are two countries where the government has opposed committing to take action to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

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