Thursday, February 2, 2006

Oil: abundance or scarcity

Roger Stern argues in an open access article published January 31, 2006 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science that oil is abundant, but for the monopoly power of OPEC, and that fear of the "Oil Weapon" has led us to a counterproductive policy of appeasement of OPEC and Arab States -- heightening tensions in the region and funding terrorism:

oil market power, not oil per se, creates instability in the Persian Gulf. More simply, each firmstate's monopoly proceeds are a potential war prize to another. This intrinsic threat latent in monopoly price remains obscure to U.S. policymakers but is clear enough to Gulf states themselves. Their rents at risk of capture both allow and compel them to sustain some of the world's highest military spending per capita. Iran's nuclear weapons program and Iraq's assembly of the world's fourth-largest armed forces in 1990 exemplify this association of hypermilitarization and market power.

Link: Oil market power and United States national security.

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In order to avoid oil shortage in the world & use it as efficient as possible there are a lot of ways to achieve this.
1: Tendency to eliminate any war in the world & plug all ways ending war.I think in a war the consumption of energy is much more than our normal & daily life. I felt this closely during the war between Iran & Iraq.
2: Let, permit & even help the countries specially oil producing countries to develop & use other type of energy like nuclear rather than inhibiting them but under absolute control & with a very open eye on their activities as if it deviates from its peacfull way the first harm will be pointed on their own nation. Ther reason for this is that oil exporting countries are really wasting the fossil fuels. I was in saudi & Iran & touched this closely.

Posted by: Ali Paprouschi | Mar 7, 2008 9:54:26 AM

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