Saturday, February 18, 2006

Nanotechnology buffs....

Announcing Nature Nanotechnology – 
first issue October 2006
Nature Nanotechnology announcement

Launching in October 2006, Nature
Nanotechnology will publish top-quality
research papers in all areas of
nanoscience and nanotechnology.  The journal
will cover research into the design,
characterization and production of structures,
devices and systems that involve
the manipulation and control of materials
and phenomena at atomic, molecular and
macromolecular scales.

Coverage will extend from basic research
in physics, chemistry and biology, including
computational work and simulations,
through to the development of new materials,
devices and technologies for
applications in a wide range
of industrial sectors
(including information technology,
medicine, manufacturing,
high-performance materials,
and energy and environmental technologies).
Each issue will also contain review articles,
news and views, reports highlighting important
papers published in other journals, commentary
and analysis.

To find out more about Nature Nanotechnology including
the aims and scope click here.
Scope of Nature Nanotechnology

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