Friday, November 4, 2005

Mmm... delicious... would you like some Strontium 90 with that??

GAO has published preliminary information about the potential of Hanford to contaminate the Columbia River.  Plumes of contaminants are reaching the river and dramatically, but briefly, exceed drinking water standards.  The contaminants rapidly dilute in the vast quantity of water, posing no threat downstream.  Hanford/Columbia River contamination

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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Bird Flu Blues and News

Updated:The Plan
Scientists Praise Plan

The HHS Pandemic Preparedness Plan is not out, but Pres. Bush is planning to spend $ 7.1 billion in flu preparedness, including vaccine development, stockpiling experimental vaccine for the H5N1 strain, stockpiling antiviral medications, developing new flu treatments, and helping local governments prepare.  The quid pro quo appears to be eliminating liability for vaccine makers.  It does not appear that Bush is prepared to develop the amount of anti-viral medication and vaccine that other countries are considering.

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