Thursday, July 7, 2005

Science - Linear No Threshold Model Provides Best Estimate of Risk from Radiation Exposure

Science reported this NRC study.  Link: EPIDEMIOLOGY: Radiation Dangerous Even at Lowest Doses -- Kaiser 309 (5732): 233 -- Science.  National Academy Press provides free PDF Executive Summaries.  Executive Summary

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Food for Thought: Essays on 25 big questions in science

Science has published a 125th Anniversary edition with 125 big questions that scientists are working on, but remain unanswered.  The issue contains essays on the top 125.

Some of the most relevant ones from the top 25:

How Much Can Human Life Span Be Expanded
What Determines Species Diversity
How Did Cooperative Behavior Evolve
How Far Can We Push Chemical Self-Assembly
How Hot Will the Greenhouse World Be
What Can Replace Cheap Oil -- and When
Will Malthus Continue to Be Wrong

Link: 125th Anniversary Issue: Science Online Special Feature.

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The Science of Global Warming-- Polar Bear Population will Plummet

The Washington Post reports on the IUCN polar bear expert meeting:  experts expect polar bear populations to decline 30% over next 35 - 50 years due to global warming.  Link: Experts Predict Polar Bear Decline.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Weekly Question: Should China Control US Natural Resources?

Should the US erect barriers to foreign control of US natural resources? 
If so, in what form?

Link: China Tells Congress To Back Off Businesses.

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