Friday, June 10, 2005

ON THE MOVE...visiting

Irma Russell of University of Memphis is visiting Pace Law School teaching Environmental Justice, Administrative Law, and Advanced Professional Responsibility.  Sounds like fun!

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How to vote in weekly polls

Thanks for asking...The network has a policy against allowing direct comments on posts.  Please e-mail me votes/comments-- my e-mail is in the left hand box.  I'll collate results of polls, then post results and comments.  For now that will allow me to share our collective wisdom.

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Both the University of Colorado's Natural Resources Law Center and Mark Squillace deserve congratulations.   To CU for securing Mark Squillace as the new Director of the Center -- quite a coup!  And to Mark for taking the helm of one of the most influential fonts of western resource policy and law. University of Colorado School of Law.

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Thursday, June 9, 2005

Teach fish farms instead of fisheries???

NOAA proposed legislation (National Offshore Aquaculture Act ) to allow aquaculture throughout the exclusive economic zone.  Link: NOAA on NOAA .   

It may be that the future of the ocean is not fisheries, but fish farming. 

You might want to read the Pew Ocean Commission report on US mariculture and the US Commission on Oceans aquaculture recommendations .

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Design the site!

Link: I have begun Environmental Law Prof Blog, covering the full scope of environmental/natural resources/sustainability law.  The blog will provide new and analysis as well as permanent resources.   What permanent resources would you like to see readily available on a blog?  I currently anticipate creating one click links to the following link pages -- which will provide a bit more editorial finesse than GOOGLE searches: E-law profs; E-law casebooks; syllabi; other teaching materials; E-law specialized journals/publications; government organizations (US, EU, and others broken down by continent, nation, state); professional organizations; NGOs-international; NGOs-US; university centers; and various subfield resources: environmental assessment; biodiversity, air pollution, water pollution, water law, toxics and solid waste,  forestry, minerals, energy, oceans, land use, environmental justice,  governance, climate change, compensation/takings, international law, comparative law. 

Please let me know what permanent resources you want to have readily accessible on a blog?

Thanks, Susan

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Call for Articles - ABA Water Quality and Wetlands Committee

Those of you with recent developments may want to submit them to Larry Liebesman or Janet McQuaid

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Call for Articles - International Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Newsletter

Just in case you want to reach the enforcement community with a precise of your most recent paper, the International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement publishes a newsletter.
Link: INECE - International Environmental Compliance and Enforcement News.

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Tulane Clinic - A Civil War Battlesite

Here is a story on a recent 60 day notice filed by the Tulane Environmental Law Clinic.  Link: Clinical Law Prof Blog: Coal Mining Fight Makes Strange Bedfellows: Environmental Clinic and Civil War Group Threaten to Sue.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2005


For any law professor interested in environmental law, John Bonine of the University of Oregon -- the father of ELaw and the Land, Air, and Water conference at the University of Oregon -- also developed and still administers a listserv called ENVLAWPROFESSORS.  If you would like to join the group, e-mail John.  There have been some great discussions over the years.

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Has Bush Administration politicized science more than previous administrations?

The NY Times reported yesterday that Phillip Cooney, the CEQ chief of staff, edited the descriptions of climate change scientific research in government reports in a way that downplayed the link between greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.  Mr. Cooney formerly previously served as a American Petroleum Institute lobbyist on climate change.

Question 1:  Do you believe that the Bush Administration has politicized science to a far greater extent than previous administrations? 

Question 2: What are the best devices to check the politicization of science?

Link: Official Played Down Emissions' Links to Global Warming - New York Times.

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Conclusion of Law and Society Annual Meeting

The Law and Society annual meeting concluded this weekend. 

Another panel of note was led by Rebecca Bratspies of City University of New York on Corporate Environmental Responsibility in the Age of Globalization.  Papers were presented by Professor Bratspies, Rebecca Hardin of the University of Michigan, Hari Osofsky of Whittier Law School and Amy Sinden of Temple University.  Link: All Academic Inc..

Prof. Bratspies paper presented an argument for enforceable international environmental standards, suggesting both standards and strategies to enforce such standards.

Prof. Hardin addressed the politics of resource management of the South African mining sector.

Prof. Sinden discussed applying due process, transparency, and other requirements typically imposed on public entities to increasingly powerful and wealthy transnational corporations.

Prof. Osofsky argued that sustainable energy production requires focusing on, utilizing, and strengthening the power of states to regulate corporations.

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The World Bank is looking for a Ugandan environmental law expert.  Anyone qualify?

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