Saturday, September 24, 2005

Environmental Article Hit Parade - New Hits on SSRN


Finally, some new hits!!!


Doubting Daubert
Lisa Heinzerling,
Georgetown University - Law Center,

2 80 Judicial Recognition of the Interests   of  Animals - A New Tort
David S. Favre,
Michigan State University College of Law,
3 73 The Accidental Environmentalist: Judge Posner on Catastrophic Thinking
Lisa Heinzerling,
Georgetown University - Law Center,
4 61 Lucas's Unlikely Legacy: The Rise of Background Principles As Categorical Takings Defenses
Michael C. Blumm, Lucus Ritchie,
Lewis and Clark Law School, Lewis & Clark College - Law School,
5 60 Detection Avoidance
Chris William Sanchirico,
University of Pennsylvania Law School,
6 45 Fear of Democracy: A Cultural Evaluation of Sunstein on Risk
Dan M. Kahan, Paul Slovic, Donald Braman, John Gastil,
Yale University - Law School, Decision Research, Yale University - Law School, University of Washington,
7 43 Unsubsidizing Suburbia
Nicole Stelle Garnett,
Notre Dame Law School,
8 42 Turning Themselves In: Why Companies Disclose Regulatory Violations
J. L. Short, Michael W. Toffel,
University of California, Berkeley, University of California, Berkeley - Haas School of Business,
9 42 Back to the Future of Conservation: Changing Perceptions of Property Rights & Environmental Protection
Jonathan H. Adler,
Case Western Reserve University School of Law,
10 37 Of Rainbows and Rivers: Lessons for Telecommunications Spectrum Policy from Transitions in Property Rights and Commons in Water Law
Dale B. Thompson (not affiliated)

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