Saturday, August 20, 2005

Biggest Ideas

John Bonine of Oregon -- who always has great questions -- offered a list of biggest ideas in Environmental Law over the summer on ENVLAWPROFESSORS and solicited additions.  So far, here's the first draft of our collective wisdom:

  1. attorneys fees - (environmental plaintiff friendly rules)
  2. biodiversity preservation
  3. citizen suits
  4. cost/benefit analysis
  5. cost/benefit balancing as pollution standard setting approach (as well as  health/environmental quality and technology based models)
  6. ecologically sustainable development
  7. economic incentives approaches
  8. ecosystem services
  9. ecosystem management (indicator species or other)
  10. environmental impact assessment
  11. free market environmentalism (not the same as 4 or 6)
  12. information strategies (e.g. TRI)
  13. injunctions - relaxed standard
  14. mitigation/compensation
  15. polluter pays principle
  16. precautionary principle
  17. preservation of wild and lonely places
  18. public participation/citizen democracy
  19. public trust doctrine
  20. risk assessment (similar to 4, but different)
  21. standing - relaxed standard for judicial review of administrative action
  22. strict or absolute liability
  23. technology forcing approaches to regulation

Feel free to add others!

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I would add:
Environmental negotiations and mediations (multiple stakeholders)

Posted by: Lin Harmon-Walker | Aug 25, 2005 4:41:30 PM

Looking over our list, add:
environmental justice

Posted by: Susan Smith | Aug 20, 2005 6:26:44 PM

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