Saturday, August 13, 2005

Highlights from Recent Economic Papers

***Stern, A Three Layer Atmosphere Ocean Model of Global Climate Change

Using sophisticated multicointegration econometric modelling, Stern suggests that climate changes from anthropogenic forces occur slowly but continue warming over a long time.  For example, the level of warming from anthropogenic forces to date is 3.25K, only 1/2 of which will occur in the first 100 years.

***Amundsen, Baldursson, Mortensen, Price Volatility and Banking in Green Certificate Markets

Banking of green certificates for renewable power improves the market by reducing average price, decreasing market volatility, and creating speculation that smoothes the market.  Banking of Green Certificates

For a full list with abstracts, see New Economics Papers: nepenv_20050725_13_papers

For a full list with abstracts, Download nepenv_20050725_13_papers.html

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