Wednesday, July 20, 2005

EU Commission Resists Further Delay on Environmental Strategies

The EU Commission meeting reports indicate that Environmental Commissioner Stavros Dimas will present a series of environmental strategies after the summer break.  Link: Reuters AlertNet - EU Commission to press ahead on environment.  The strategies, which are a key component of the current EU environmental program, were due by July 2005.  News that the thematic strategies might not be presented due to industry opposition was met by a stronge reaction from ten influential European environmental organizations.  Green 10 Letter

The seven thematic strategies involve: air quality, water and the marine environment, sustainable natural resources use, waste, soil, pesticides, and the urban environment.  EU information about pending legislation is fragmentary, but these links provide a starting place.

air quality  (CAFE)
    2001 CAFE proposal
     CAFE documents

marine environment
    ENDS description

sustainable natural resources use
     Assurre description

    Assurre description

soil protection
    2002 proposal   
    2005 draft strategy
    Assurre on biowaste component



urban environment   
    2004 proposal
    expert working group reports
    EEB description (environmental)
   Assurre description (industry partnership)

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