Thursday, June 9, 2005

Design the site!

Link: I have begun Environmental Law Prof Blog, covering the full scope of environmental/natural resources/sustainability law.  The blog will provide new and analysis as well as permanent resources.   What permanent resources would you like to see readily available on a blog?  I currently anticipate creating one click links to the following link pages -- which will provide a bit more editorial finesse than GOOGLE searches: E-law profs; E-law casebooks; syllabi; other teaching materials; E-law specialized journals/publications; government organizations (US, EU, and others broken down by continent, nation, state); professional organizations; NGOs-international; NGOs-US; university centers; and various subfield resources: environmental assessment; biodiversity, air pollution, water pollution, water law, toxics and solid waste,  forestry, minerals, energy, oceans, land use, environmental justice,  governance, climate change, compensation/takings, international law, comparative law. 

Please let me know what permanent resources you want to have readily accessible on a blog?

Thanks, Susan

Maintaining a blog is a substantial commitment.  I want it to be as useful as possible to users.  Please let me know what you would like!

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