Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Conclusion of Law and Society Annual Meeting

The Law and Society annual meeting concluded this weekend. 

Another panel of note was led by Rebecca Bratspies of City University of New York on Corporate Environmental Responsibility in the Age of Globalization.  Papers were presented by Professor Bratspies, Rebecca Hardin of the University of Michigan, Hari Osofsky of Whittier Law School and Amy Sinden of Temple University.  Link: All Academic Inc..

Prof. Bratspies paper presented an argument for enforceable international environmental standards, suggesting both standards and strategies to enforce such standards.

Prof. Hardin addressed the politics of resource management of the South African mining sector.

Prof. Sinden discussed applying due process, transparency, and other requirements typically imposed on public entities to increasingly powerful and wealthy transnational corporations.

Prof. Osofsky argued that sustainable energy production requires focusing on, utilizing, and strengthening the power of states to regulate corporations.

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